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Written by hand, an exchange in data

What if you would write postcards about your life, using data? Two friends are doing just that on a website called “Dear Data”.


The Art Market for Dummies: Building a Data-Driven Explainer

French journalist Jean Abbiateci tells us the story behind his award-winning data visualisation Art Market for Dummies.


The Mutually Beneficial Partnership at the Core of Women as Academic Authors

Introducing a promising model for doing data journalism: establishing partnerships between journalists and academic researchers.


Data Journalism in Kenya: Introducing Data Dredger

When journalists learn to make sense of numbers, their audiences make better sense of social development.


The Flight Paths Tracker: How to Monitor and Analyse Air Traffic Above Individual Locations

How Berliner Morgenpost made an interactive app that allows Berlin residents to get customised information about air traffic above a certain location in…


#safeschools – A Data-driven Investigation into Seismic Safety Assessment of Italian Public Schools

How four Italian journalists digged into seismic safety assessment data for Italian public schools and built the ‘map of ignorance’.


How Wired Italy Made the ‘Check Your Hospital’ Interactive Map

Journalist Guido Romeo explains how Wired Italy made Check Your Hospital, the interactive map that enables readers to check mortality rates for over 1.000…


How Europe Lives: An Interactive Map by Süddeutsche Zeitung

Süddeutsche Zeitung Head of Newsroom Wolfgang Jaschensky explains how the interactive map Europa-Atlas, which allows users to explore how Europeans live…


‘No Time for Anger’ - A Reportage on Fukushima Two Years After the Triple Disaster

Behind the scenes at the NZZ’s data-driven reportage into life in the Fukushima region after the triple disaster in March 2011.


InfoAmazonia and Why We Should Talk About Geo-Journalism

How a data journalism project improves the public understanding of the Amazon region by combining news, maps and data about this endangered territory.


Working with Migrants’ Remittances Data: How to Master a Big Project with a Small Team

Swiss journalist David Bauer tells the story behind the data driven project ‘The Incredible Rise of Migrants’ Remittances’.


Behind the Australian Financial Review’s Budget Explorer

The Australian data journalist Edmund Tadros walks us through the creation of the Australian Financial Review’s Budget Explorer.


Behind the Scenes of BBC’s “Most Wanted Global Migrants” Guide

Two journalists behind the project tell us the story of how the idea for the project was born and how the guide was made.


“Is It Really Worth It?” – The Map of Italian Journalists Facing Threats

A data journalism project by three Italian freelance journalists and developers shows the problem of journalists facing threats in Italy.


Migration Coverage Study: National Interests Frame Media Debate

A study of migration coverage around the world reveals media’s framing mechanisms of this political issue, stressing national concerns over global ones.


Moldova Launches Website Dedicated to Open Budget Data and Public Spending Stories is an open budget website, which includes infographics, budget data visualizations and analysis of the use of public money in Moldova.


Real-Time Data Journalism - Hurricane Sandy

John Keefe of WNYC’s Data News team on data-driven projects created for the station’s Hurricane Sandy coverage.


Il Fondo Al Mar: Data Visualisation and Suspicious Sinkings

A collaborative mapping/visualisation project looking at suspicious activity in the Mediterranean Sea.


NYPD Stop and Frisk Data for You

In the “show your work” ethos, John Keefe makes available the data behind the NYPR map of NYPD stop and frisks by block. Download and explore…


Case Study: The Eurozone Meltdown

Visual journalist Sarah Slobin explains how the Wall Street Journal covered the Eurozone meltdown in a compelling piece of data-driven visual journalism.


Data Journalism Awards Featured Winner: Terrorists for the FBI

Mother Jones exposes the driving force behind the terrorist conspiracy plots in the U.S. as part of an award-winning 18-month investigation.


Message Machine: When Are 190 Emails Like Six Emails?

A look at the story behind ProPublica’s Message Machine, a project which examines how campaigns are increasingly personalising their messages and…


Case Study: A 9 Month Investigation into European Structural Funds

A look at how data was used by the Financial Times and the BIJ to check if money was put to good use in the European Structural Funds programme.


Data Journalism Awards Worthy Mention - Bus Subsidies in Argentina

A look at the story behind one of the projects that received an honorable mention at the first edition of the Data Journalism Awards.


Data Journalism Awards featured winner - Transparent Politics

Presenting an award-winning news app that gives Swiss citizens the possibility to track what the politicians they elected vote for, and compare their number…


Data Journalism Awards featured winner: Riot Rumours

The life cycle of a Twitter rumour. Did Twitter cause the 2011 UK riots? The Guardian investigates.


Patrie Galere: Shedding light on Italy’s prisons’ death toll

Journalist Jacopo Ottaviani created an interactive map to understand where and how 1,000 inmates died in Italian prisons in the last ten years.


DJA nominee of the day: Where Are You on the Global Pay Scale?

The application developed by the BBC News data team allows users to compare their individual wage to the average across the world and gain some perspective.


DJA nominee of the day: Methadone and the Politics of Pain

Can data journalism and good investigative work dealing with healthcare issues have a meaningful impact on communities and public policy?


DJA nominee of the day: 2011 Illinois School Report Cards

How to present government data in an interesting, useful and easy to understand manner showcased by the Chicago Tribune’s news app, nominated for…


DJA nominee of the day: Verokuitti

What would your individual tax receipt from the government look like? The Finnish project Verokuitti has the answer.


DJA nominee of the day: Pedestrian Crashes in Novosibirsk 2011

Investigating road safety in the Russian city of Novosibirsk through interactive maps and timelines.


Interactive map visualizes Mexico’s drug war

Coder and data enthusiast Diego Valle-Jones developed an interactive map that tracks drug war-related homicides in Mexico.


Inside the Academy: L.A. Times investigates the demographics of Oscars’ voters

The Los Angeles Times dived into an investigation to identify the age, gender and race of the members making up the famous Academy of Motion Picture Arts…


Investigating England’s summer of disorder: The Guardian’s ‘Reading the Riots’ project

The Guardian’s ‘Reading the Riots’ is a multimedia project that applies data journalism in order to try to understand the reasons and individual…


‘Top Secret America’ - A Washington Post investigation

On July 19, 2010 The Washington Post published the first story in a new series exploring the Top Secret world created in response to the terrorist attacks…


A look inside the EU budget and what the numbers mean (Guardian Data Blog)

As part of their Europa series, the Guardian Data Blog recently posted an article about the EU Budget, focusing mainly on what the EU spends and where…


How Spending Stories spots errors in public spending

How public funds should be spent is often controversial. Information about how that money has already been spent should not be ambiguous at all. People…


How the LRA Crisis Tracker helps prevent atrocities in Africa

Since 2009, Invisible Children and Resolve have been working together on the LRA Crisis Tracker; a project that makes information about attacks by the…


‘The English allotment lottery’ (Guardian Data Blog)

The Guardian DataBlog published an article on 10 November 2011 about allotment waiting lists based on data gathered from hundreds of Councils in the United…


‘Groundbreaking data tracks carbon emissions back to their source’ (Guardian Environment Blog)

A new scientific paper allows us to see which countries extracted the fossil fuels burned to support lifestyles in other countries.


‘The future of UK aid’ - Interactive visualisation from the Guardian

In this interactive visualisation the Guardian Data Blog explores where and on what the UK will spend its aid budget over the next five years.


RegioHack: uncovering local stories with data

Dutch regional newspapers launch data journalism project RegioHack.


Data Driven Journalism In A Box: What do you think needs to be in it?

We’re currently organising a session on Data-Driven Journalism in a Box at the Mozilla Festival 2011, and we want your input!


The French crowdsourcing experiment: the price of water (Prix de l’Eau)

In March 2011 a crowdsourcing experiment was set up to gain more transparency in one of France’s least transparent markets, the water market.