DataVizProject.com: A comprehensive archive of data visualisations


How it started

To be frankly honest, we started this project without knowing it was actually a project. When we started our agency nearly four years ago, we simply started sketching post-it-sized prints of popular data visualizations as an inspiration tool for our client projects. Ten visualizations quickly became 50, and turned into nearly 100 types.


In order not to get lost in all of these types and to find the right one(s) faster, we began designing each one of them as coherent designed representations. And, more importantly, we established a way of ordering them into different categories to support the different needs for finding datavizs. Sometimes you’re on the lookout for a dataviz visualizing trend over time, sometimes you have a specific dataset in mind, and sometimes you only want inspiration for geospatial types.

At the same time, we started adding great examples of use for each type as creative inspiration. We then acknowledged the fact that it was tough keeping this project as a physical thing. And, as it was very useful for us as an infographic agency, it might as well be for other people. Therefore, we decided to name the project and turn it into a public website so everyone else could benefit from it.

But how’s this different from the other similar tools?

We know. There’s already a lot of tools, libraries, books and posters out there about data visualisations. We really like them and we have no intention to compete with those. Most of them have their very own objective, like finding the proper development tool or providing an overview. Sure, there might be overlaps, but we wanted to create something that was missing in the ‘market’. It can be boiled down to:

  • Volume: With more than 150 data visualizations (still counting), it’s the most comprehensive collection of types in terms of number.
  • Inspiration: We want to inspire different ways to visualize data - not always ending up with a pie chart. And, at the same time, present all of the interesting and creative uses of them.
  • Search: Finding new or just the right way to visualize your data can be tricky and quite time-consuming. The starting point may also vary to a great extent. Therefore, we have introduced many ways to find the right dataviz.

Who’s it for?

Even though it’s quite geeky with, it’s definitely not limited to data analysts, graphic designers or heavy Excel users. We believe it will be of great value to everyone interested in visualizing data, whether it’s students, researchers, journalists, designers or someone else.


Although this project has been four years in the making, it has only just recently launched. It may sound strange, but the easy part is adding new types of data visualizations. The hard part is finalising each one of them, making sure definition, naming, examples and categories are correct. The thing is: the majority doesn’t have a universal name, meaning or anatomy, so a lot of research and compromises are required for each one of them. That being said, we don’t consider the datavizproject.com to be perfect, which is why we encourage users to provide feedback.

Tool, service, website, or…?

Well, there’s a reason why we included project in the name. First of all, because it started out as an internal thing, but also to highlight the fact that it’s an ongoing thing, that will keep on progressing both in terms of content, functions and form. Actually, we still consider the website in beta that needs more quality assurance, more data visualizations, more examples, and more ways of searching. After getting the core of the content ready, then we will slowly move in new directions with the project. And your feedback is more than welcome.

DataVizProject is a project by ferdio - a Copenhagen based infographic agency transforming data and information into captivating visuals. For any feedback regarding the project (ideas, bugs, comments, questions), please contact ferdio at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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