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How data can help INFORM humanitarian journalism

The 2016 INFORM Index results and data were released today. We took a closer look at how INFORM can be used to report on disaster risk.


New data mining initiative uses students’ browsing history to improve medical reporting

This month, DocGraph released Batea - a browser extension that mines clinical reference URLs from students to improve public health information.


Data enriched research, data enhanced impact: The importance of UK data infrastructure

Matthew Woollard discusses the importance of UK data infrastructure and how the systematic management and sharing of research data benefit the public.


Data journalism and ethics: What does the industry say?

To help data journalists uphold industry standards, the world’s largest database of media codes was launched this week.


New portal expedites access to open government data across Europe

This week, the European Commission launched the European Data Portal - a searchable gateway for public data in multiple languages.


How researchers created a journalism tool by scraping data from science journals

Using data extraction and analysis to create tools for other forms of journalism - not just the reporting itself.


What is the best way for journalists to learn D3.js?

Mirko Lorenz interviews Scott Murray, author of “Interactive Data Visualization for the Web”, about his experience teaching D3.js.


A vaccine against that anti-data journalism brain

Data and journalism are traditionally not seen as friends – and often as foes. But, in an increasingly data rich world, this attitude is no longer sustainable.


Al Jazeera launches an Arabic translation of The Data Journalism Handbook

This week, Al Jazeera launched an Arabic edition of The Data Journalism Handbook as a part of the channel’s 19th anniversary celebrations.


Comparison of Twitter APIs and tools for analyzing Tweets related to the Ebola Virus Disease

What is the best way to retrieve Twitter data? Wasim Ahmed looked at this question by studying Ebola-related tweets.


Are you sure about those numbers? An application of Bayesian methods to MSF child mortality rates

New research reveals how advanced statistical methods can mitigate data shortcomings.


“Open Data” + Journalism = ?

Jonathan Stoneman assesses the true impact of open data on the news agenda, and on journalism itself.


Hack hunger with data this World Food Day

World Food Day 2015 marks a decade of collecting data on hunger. We looked at how the data driven community can leverage it to fight famine.


Spanish-only version of NICAR-L launched today

Got a data question? IRE’s NICAR-L email forum connects community members to help. And now its available in Spanish.


Using open data? Put yourself on the map

The Center for Open Data Enterprise is developing an interactive map to advance the use of open data - and they need your help.


How does Amazon’s QuickSight launch benefit journalists?

This week, Amazon launched QuickSight, a cloud-based tool to help businesses visualize their data. We looked at how it might help tell data driven stories.


What gets measured gets done: The importance of data in achieving development progress

A new report by the World Bank and International Monetary Fund highlights the importance and challenges of surveying development data.


Data Journalists respond to Obama’s gun control challenge

Following last week’s Oregon shooting, we complied a round up of three different ways journalists visualized gun violence in America.


AP to include Data Journalism Best Practices in 2017 Stylebook

This week, AP announced a renewed commitment to data driven journalism through the help of a $400,000 grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.


What value does Facebook’s Signal add to the data driven community?

Hype has been rife in the media community this week after the launch of Facebook’s social surfacing and curation tool, Signal.


Paul Bradshaw’s ‘Data Journalism Heist’ now available in Spanish

With the Spanish-language release of Paul Bradshaw’s ‘Data Journalism Heist’ this week, more journalists than ever will be able to find…


Code for Africa get’s 4,7 million grant to extend data-driven projects

Initiative plans to extend work to number of African countries - based on financial support from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


Data Journalism Awards 2015: Winners

A list of all the projects with links to see the work.


Speaking in tongues

Given the many languages spoken in EU member countries translations play a so far mainly unmeasured role on how and when topics are noted, understood and…


GEN Data Journalism Awards Shortlist 2015 is out

The Global Editors Network (GEN) released the shortlist for the 2015 Data Journalism Awards. Out of 482 submissions the pre-jury singled out 78 projects.


The School of Data Journalism in Perugia 2015: Join us for panels and trainings

The European Journalism Centre, Open Knowledge and the International Journalism Festival are pleased to announce the 4th edition of Europe’s biggest…


Data Journalism for Small Newsrooms

This is a report from the second panel session at the School of Data Journalism, and is about producing data journalism content in small teams.


The Basics of Interactive Storytelling with Mariana Santos

A report from the third workshop at the School of Data Journalism, led by Mariana Santos, Interactive Designer and Knight International Journalism Fellow.


From Idea to Story: Planning the Data Journalism Story

Why do data journalism at all? Steve Doig believes that data journalism allows journalists to go beyond anecdotes, and base their stories on evidence.


2014: The Year in Data Journalism

Trends in data journalism from around the world were highlighted in a day of workshops and presentations at the International Journalism Festival in Perugia.


School of Data Journalism 2014: The Storify Summary

In Perugia, the School of Data Journalism dove into the vast world of data. Here is a look back at three days of intensive learning and debates.


Announcing the School of Data Journalism 2014 in Perugia

The School of Data Journalism will be hosted in Perugia from April 30th to May 4th, 2014, as part of the International Journalism Festival.


What I Learned at NICAR 2014: Data Journalism is Mainly Journalism

The third and final installment in a series on takeaways from the NICAR 2014 conference, featuring specific case studies.


What I Learned at NICAR 2014: New Ideas – Cool Things People Are Doing With Data

More takeaways from the NICAR 2014 conference: New ideas, tools in progress, useful Twitter bots, and more.


What I Learned at NICAR 2014: Apps, Tips, and Sites

Takeaways from the NICAR 2014 conference: New skills, new ideas, and studies of what people have done in the past 12 months.


Brazilian Portuguese Edition of the Data Journalism Handbook Published

Announcing the translation of the Data Journalism Handbook into Brazilian Portuguese.


Training the Journalists of Tomorrow: The Data Journalism MA at Tilburg University

Continuing with our series on data journalism education, we talk to Stefania Milan, coordinator of the first Data Journalism MA in the Netherlands.


The Data Journalism Handbook Comes to Ukrainian Journalists

Announcing the fifth translation of the Data Journalism Handbook, into Ukrainian.


New Translation of the Data Journalism Handbook to Support Journalists in Georgia

The publication is part of an effort to enable more journalists in Georgia to use data to enhance their reporting.


Verification Handbook: Supporting News Journalists and Aid Responders for Emergency Coverage

In the era of smartphones and social networks, journalists must be able to rapidly and reliably verify information in the wake of a disaster.


A Fundamental Way Data Repositories Must Change

Nicolas Kayser-Bril on the dangers of relying on corrupted or manipulated data and what statistics bureaus and journalists should do when dealing with…


Data Journalism Handbook Creators Announce Free Online Data Journalism Course

Announcing European Journalism Centre’s free online data journalism course ‘Doing Journalism with Data: First Steps, Skills and Tools’.


Journalists as Tool Makers: Columbia’s Dual Journalism & Computer Science Degree

For the second interview in our series on data journalism university degrees around the world, we interviewed Mark Hansen, Professor of Journalism at Columbia…


The Data Journalism Handbook Now Available in Czech

Announcing the Czech edition of the ‘bible’ of data journalism, The Data Journalism Handbook.


How Spain’s First Data Journalism MA Came to Life

Marcos García Rey tells us about his experience of setting up a data journalism MA in Spain, in the first episode of a series following similar initiatives…


The Media Party in Buenos Aires: The Biggest Hacks/Hackers Meetup Ever

The second edition of the Buenos Aires hack fest brought together some of the biggest figures in data journalism, civic hacking and graphic design.


The Data Journalism Handbook Now Available in French!

The third translation of The Data Journalism Handbook, into French, is now out!


New Book for Aspiring Data Journalists: ‘Getting Started with Data Journalism’

With this book, Claire Miller hopes to bridge the gap between the growing interest in data journalism and journalists’ lack of skills in this field.


Introducing Fact Tank: An Interview with Pew Research Center President Alan Murray

Pew Research Center president Alan Murray tells us how the Center’s new data journalism platform works and why it was created.


Using Data from Citizens to Measure Radiation Levels and Air Quality

How a strong belief in open data transformed the way both citizens and authorities in Japan approached radiation in the wake the Fukushima disaster.


Al Jazeera and the European Journalism Centre to Translate The Data Journalism Handbook into Arabic

Another translation of The Data Journalism Handbook, into Arabic, is expected to be completed in about one month.


How to Make Money with Data Journalism in the US and Europe

Journalism++ founder Kayser-Bril discusses how to make money with data journalism, whether you are a media organisation, a company or a group of nerds.


Journalism with Data - Not Data with Journalism

BBC’s Jonathan Stoneman on the importance of telling stories with data.


DataKind: Data for Social Change

We interviewed DataKind founder Jake Porway about how the NGO is using data to foster social change.


School of Data Journalism 2013: Looking Back in Awe

Looking back at four days of intensive learning and debates at the School of Data Journalism in Perugia with Storify.


2013 Data Journalism Awards Finalists Announced

Who are the finalists of the 2nd edition of the Data Journalism Awards?


Slides, Tools and Other Resources From the School of Data Journalism 2013

Overview of slides, tools, videos and other resources from the 2nd edition of the School of Data Journalism at the International Journalism Festival in…


The Spanish Translation of The Data Journalism Handbook Is Out!

Announcing the release of the Spanish translation of The Data Journalism Handbook.


Let’s Crowdsource a Database of Websites about Data Journalism!

Help us build an open database of websites about data journalism by adding your references.


What I Learned about Data this Week

BBC’s Jonathan Stoneman reminds us that focus is still an essential element in modern reporting and that organizing one’s data is always vital.


What I Learned about Data this Week

Jonathan Stoneman offers some advice to data journalism beginners and an account of his own experiences training in this field.


Why Italy Is the Land of Opportunity for Data Journalism

Data journalism is catalysing growing attention in Italy but it is still in its infancy. Wired Italy’s Guido Romeo describes the state of this field…


Bringing The Data Journalism Handbook to Brazilian Journalists

Announcing the Portuguese translation of The Data Journalism Handbook.


What I Learned about Data this Week

Field notes from BBC’s Jonathan Stoneman on the world of data journalism.


Announcing the School of Data Journalism 2013 in Perugia

Announcing the 2nd edition of Europe’s biggest data journalism event, the School of Data Journalism.


Top 10 Most Tweeted Links from NICAR 2013

The most popular links shared via the conference hashtag #NICAR13.


ProPublica Publishes Guides for Optimal App Design

ProPublica’s news applications team published a series of guides on GitHub. Newsroom app developers are invited to partake in this open-source project.


Sports, Laughter, and Refinement at NICAR 2013 - Day 2

Friday afternoon at NICAR 2013 introduces sports and statistics, and a lot of learning and entertainment with the lightning talks.


NICAR 2013 Day 2: PDF or Parse those Dreaded Files

The second day at NICAR in Louisville introduced affordable tools for converting PDF to useful file formats.


Scraping into Louisville: NICAR 2013 - Day 1

Web scraping and Google Fusion Tables for trainers featured amongst the many sessions at the US computer-assisted reporting conference, NICAR.


Opportunities and Challenges in Using Drones for Data Journalism: Interview with Matt Waite

Matt Waite explores new ways of doing journalism using drones, and finds a data journalism goldmine.


LocalData: Empowering Communities and Legitimising Citizen-Based Datasets

Amplify Labs is developing a tool that seeks to revolutionise the way urban data is collected by local communities.


Data Visualisation Tools and Trends to Watch: An Interview with

Founding partner of, Benjamin Wiederkehr, talks about tools, trends, dos and don’ts in data visualisation and journalism.


Data Journalists Discuss Their Tools of Choice

We asked data journalists to tell us a bit about how they work with data. Here is what they said (excerpt from The Data Journalism Handbook).


Amanda Cox on The New York Times’ Graphics Evolution: “The Future Has an Ancient Heart”

The use of data visualisation at The Times, according to Amanda Cox, is undergoing a dynamic and multi-disciplinary evolution.


The Year in Data Journalism: Q&A with Alexandre Léchenet

What was the best piece of data journalism this year? Most interesting development? Biggest disappointment? We asked leading data journalists.


The Year in Data Journalism: Q&A with Sarah Cohen

What was the best piece of data journalism this year? Most interesting development? Biggest disappointment? We asked leading data journalists.


Best Practices and Coding Conventions: The NPR News Apps Team

Interview with NPR’s award-winning developer Christopher Groskopf about the best practices and coding conventions of the NPR News Apps team.


The Year in Data Journalism: Q&A with Paul Bradshaw

What was the best piece of data journalism this year? Most interesting development? Biggest disappointment? We asked leading data journalists.


Following Money and Influence in the EU: The Open Interests Europe Hackathon

Last weekend’s Open Interests Europe hackathon not only produced useful tools and maps, it also revealed possible leads for investigative reporting.


The 3.11 Japan Quake: Looking Back at News and Crowdsourcing on Media Coverage Map’s Rina Tsubaki on the lessons from last year’s Japan earthquake and the role of social media and crowdsourcing.


Hacking on a Shoestring: Bucharest’s Open Media Challenge

Organising Romania’s first multi-disciplinary hackathon presented numerous challenges, says Stefan Candea, but the results made it worthwhile.


Swimming in the Data Stream

Australian data journalist Edmund Tadros says it’s time to lose your fear of spreadsheets and jump into the numbers.


Data Therapy for Journalists

How do we best tell a data-driven story? What techniques should we use for presenting our data?


Data Journalism à la Française: Interview with Le Monde’s Alexandre Léchenet

Le Monde data journalist Alexandre Léchenet talks about a new data journalism blog J’ai du bon data, open data in France and his greatest career achievement…


Identified Issues, Positive Developments: Coverage from Crisis Mappers’ Conference

An article by Emergency Journalism’s Rina Tsubaki on the International Conference of Crisis Mappers, the future of humanitarian networks and issues…


OpenNews: View Source

A post from Dan Sinker about a new initiative from Open News to compile code written by journalists, Source.


Journalism for Developers

This article is for developers who are interested in journalism. It was inspired by


A Data Journalist’s Life: Interview with Sarah Cohen

Pulitzer Prize winner Sarah Cohen discusses her career, working with data and difficulties along the way.


Knight News Challenge Winner Will Make Historical Election Data Easily Accessible

Winners of the Knight News Challenge will collaborate with The New York Times and The Washington Post to create a database of US election results.


ONA Winner Highlights 5 Ways to Create Interactives that Inform & Engage Readers

2012 Online Journalism Award winners Gabriel Dance and Feilding Cage on how to create an informative and engaging interactive.


Four Lessons from Hacking Data for Hacks at O’Reilly Strata in London

What journalists and media organisations need to know about data journalism.


The Evolving Newsroom: Q&A with the Telegraph’s Interactive News Editor

How are newsrooms evolving to better incorporate data and data-driven journalism? An interview with Conrad Quilty-Harper, the Interactive News Editor for…


Debunking Myths with Data Visualisation - The Birth of Gapminder

Insights from Hans Rosling’s spectacular keynote talk at OKFestival last week on the birth of the Gapminder project.


The First Translation of The Data Journalism Handbook Is Out!

Announcing the release of the first translation of The Data Journalism Handbook, a free, open-source book that helps journalists use data to improve journalism.


What Kinds of Stories Can You Find in Data?

Like other forms of journalism, data journalism should be about stories. Based on his experience at the BBC, Martin Rosenbaum has drawn up a typology.


Journalism Rebooted in Buenos Aires

A look back at Latin America’s largest event for journalists, editors, designers and software developers, the Hacks/Hackers BA Media Party.


Why Community Matters for Data Projects at the New York Times

Why does community matter for data projects at the New York Times? Can data journalism help enlighten civil society? Editor Aron Pilhofer explains in an…


How to Teach a Journalist Programming

Earlier this year I set out to tackle a problem that was bothering me: journalists who had started to learn programming were giving up. In setting out…


Video: The Data Tsunami: when journalism becomes quantified

A video recap of a panel discussion addressing the question, “what is the recipe for doing good data journalism and why should we care about it in…