What is the current status of data journalism? Participate in our global survey to find out.


Data driven journalism or data journalism is an emerging discipline that brings together knowledge from several disciplines, such as news and journalism, information and data Sciences, data analytics, information design, and storytelling.

During the past years we witnessed a rising acceptance that data can enhance reporting. Interactive data visualizations can add unique perspectives. Investigations into data and data quality can reveal relevant and sometimes exclusive stories. Some newsrooms have built significant expertise in this area.

But of course there are challenges:  How can one check data quality? What are the best workflows to create outstanding visuals? Where can one find good training for data driven journalism? Despite the growing interest in data driven journalism in newsrooms and its emergence as an academic discipline in its own right, there is a lack of systematic research in this domain, and a divide between academic and industry practices.


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All of the above leads to one conclusion: It’s about time to get a good assessment about data driven journalism, or in other words: We need fresh data about data journalism. This project is a global study into the current state of data driven journalism, with the aim of providing theoretical, practical and pedagogical guidelines for the future of data driven journalism.

These are the goals of the Global Data Journalism survey. The survey is open both for data driven journalists as well as for all journalists interested in working with data.

Sample questions of the survey: What is the perspective for individual journalists and newsrooms? What is the current level of experience working with data? And finally, what training needs should be covered to progress further?

The survey will be one building block for a comprehensive, global study into the state of data driven journalism. By completing this survey journalists will provide an insight into the day­-to-­day work of data journalists, contribute further to the systematic development of the professional practices in the area, and help to bridge the gap between professional and academic practices.

The study is being carried out by Bahareh Heravi from the School of Information and Communication Studies at University College Dublin, and Mirko Lorenz, an information architect and co-founder of Datawrapper.

The survey is composed of 48 questions. Our estimate is that this survey will take between 8 to 12 minutes to complete. Your input is greatly appreciated. The only thing we ask: If you start to answer the survey, please complete it. If only half of the questions are answered the information cannot be used meaningfully.

Please don’t forget to tell other journalists about this survey and notify others via Twitter, if possible. The more data we can collect the better.

Should you have any questions please contact Bahareh Heravi (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) | @Bahareh360)

Complete the survey here.

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