EuroHack: One-day data journalism competition and workshop on EU spending


The European Journalism Centre and the Open Knowledge Foundation together with the help of data journalist, Nicolas Kayser-Bril, are organising a data journalism pre-conference workshop and competition in Warsaw, Poland, on 19 October, at the Open Government Data Camp 2011. This is the second in a series of EJC/OKF data journalism workshops. You can read more about the first one here.

The event (hashtag #EuroHack) consists of two parts:

  • EuroHack - the competition: What would you do with EU data if you had a data team for one day?
  • EuroHack - the workshop: Tips, tools and tricks from experts, journalists and developers, helping to tackle EU spending.

What is EuroHack - the competition?

For one day in Warsaw, Poland, journalists, programmers and designers will work together in teams of three or four to produce applications and investigations involving EU data and visualisations.

How it works

We provide you with a set of resources (databases and tools) on EU spending and related issues such as lobbying, which you are free to add on to.

We then ask teams of hacks and hackers to produce the best projects including stories, applications, and visualisations from EU data (e.g. lobbying, spending) in one day. The projects could approach questions such as: Which local companies and which national public bodies receive EU funding? (How) can spending data be connected with lobbying interests? Etc.

Who can participate?

If you are a journalist, programmer or designer, you are welcome to join. You may register as a team or as an individual. If you register as an individual, we will help you find the right team. If you feel like taking part in this hackathon but don't have journalistic or coding skills, don't worry! We'll make sure to match you with the right people. 

The winners

A total of three awards will be given:

  • Best Visualisation/Application
  • Best Story
  • The Public's Choice

The winners of the 'Best Visualisation/Application' and 'Best Story' categories will be selected by a jury of data journalism experts including, Alan McLean (the New York Times), EU data journalist Caelainn Barr,  and Marie Coussin (OWNI). For 'The Public's Choice' category we will analyse the overall impact and amount of 'noise' that was made on Twitter and Facebook. The three winning teams will present their projects in the afternoon session of day two (21 October) at the Open Government Data camp. The winning projects will be featured on datadrivenjournalism.net, the hub for data journalism resources on the web, and on OWNI.eu, an innovative digital journalism website which won the world famous Online Journalism Award in 2010.

What is EuroHack - the workshop?

In the workshop participants will learn from data journalists and data experts about how to get started with data journalism and specifically with data-driven reporting on EU spending. More specifically participants will learn how to find a story buried deep in the data and how to present it to their readers in an interactive and exciting format.

Some of the planned sessions include:

How to register

If you’re up for an exciting day of learning new skills and digging into investigations to uncover hidden local stories in EU data, fill in this registration form. Please specify which of the two parts you would like to participate in: 'EuroHack - the workshop' or 'EuroHack - the competition'. There is a limited number of seats. The extended registration deadline is 14 October.

For more information visit the event webpage.



  • Video: 'How to Find Stories in EU Spending Data' with Caelainn Barr, EU data journalist, formerly part of the team who worked on the EU Structural Funds investigation at the Bureau of Investigative Journalism in London


Teaser photo by iamsassychic.com.