Help link good data to good outcomes: Submit a Gender Data Impact story


Despite increased awareness of the importance of gender data, concrete examples of gender data impacting legislation, government programs or policies, and practices and behaviors are not easy to find.

We need good Gender Data Impact Stories so that statisticians, data scientists, gender equality advocates, citizens, and policymakers have the examples they need to advocate for closing gender data gaps and using complete data to improve policy, and thereby outcomes, for women and girls around the world.

It is for this reason that Data2X, in partnership with Open Data Watch and Devex, has launched the Gender Data Impact: Call for Stories.

What do we mean by data impact? We are seeking stories that demonstrate a strong link between data and outcome. The data can come from a wide variety of sources - from official statistics or census data, to administrative data or “big” data – but regardless of source, in a good gender data impact story, use of that data must lead to a change in outcome.

This outcome might be a shift in policy at the sub-national, national, regional, or international level. For example, has new, stricter legislation been put forth due to the release of alarming new domestic violence figures? It might be a change in a development partner funding stream or technical assistance approach. Has data on girls’ school attendance rates spurred donors to shift focus? It might be a change in the way a major regional or national program is implemented. Has service delivery of a maternal health program changed once new data highlights that certain communities are widely underserved? Or, it might be a change in people’s perceptions or behavior. Have new statistics quantifying the value of women’s unpaid work changed perceptions about women being critical economic actors? No matter what outcome change is observed, data must be a clear driver of the shift. 

Do you know of cases where gender data led to impact? Through the Gender Data Impact project, we will share your stories broadly. We will compile evidence for the importance of collecting and using gender data to improve outcomes and will make the case for continued investment in data capacity. We will tell some of these stories on Devex and other news outlets and will use these stories to inform the conversation at important moments, like the upcoming Data for Development Festival and the UN World Data Forum. We’ll also share these stories with those who are working to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, to improve development outcomes, reduce poverty, and achieve gender equality.

To ensure that decision makers at national governments and international organizations remain focused on the importance of good data and continue to invest in robust data systems that help us understand the lived experiences of all people – men and women – we need to identify stories that demonstrate how good data leads to positive impact.

The Gender Data Impact call for stories closes on March 8.

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Image: Cristina.