Video: How can data journalism save your newsroom?


The School of Data Journalism organised by the European Journalism Centre and the Open Knowledge Foundation continued on Friday at the International Journalism Festival in Perugia, Italy, with a panel discussion focused on the question: "How can data journalism save your newsroom?"

Below is a description of this session and the full video recording. 

Journalism is under siege. Traditional models are collapsing. Developing the know-how to use the available data more effectively, to understand it, communicate and generate stories based on it, could be a huge opportunity to breathe new life into journalism.

  • What is the potential of data journalism?
  • How do you start a data journalism operation?
  • How can you start thinking about making money with data journalism?

Speakers: Caelainn Barr - Citywire; Mirko Lorenz - Deutsche Welle; Dan Nguyen - ProPublica; Aron Pilhofer - New York Times; Simon Rogers - The Guardian Datablog; Guido Romeo - Wired Italy.