LEARNO.NET launches three new courses for data journalists


Since its launch in 2015, LEARNO.NET has firmly established itself as a premier learning destination for media professionals. And now, there are even more options available for journalists hoping to expand their digital skillsets. 

Today, the platform has launched three new courses - each offered free of charge, and completed at your own pace.

For socially-minded journos, there's Going Viral Using Social Media Analytics taught by Stijn Debrouwere. This course will go beyond Chartbeat, Google Analytics and Facebook Insights, to help you find what you need and know how to act on this information.

Or, if you're still struggling to come to terms with Excel, there's Cleaning Data in Excel. Taught by Maarten Lambrechts, this course will introduce you to come useful Excel commands and formulas for cleaning up and transforming data. 

And then, if you're still keen for some tips and tricks, check out Mistakes We Made So You Don't Have To: Data Visualisation, Journalism and the Web by Jonathon Berlin. In this course, you'll get a taste of approaches and lessons learnt at the Chicago Tribune as they tried to tell more stories using data and visuals on the web.

For a full catalogue of courses, visit LEARNO.NET here.