The Verification Handbook for Investigative Reporting is now available in Turkish


Strong and accountable journalism is becoming more and more important for the Turkish people. 

At the same time, with frequent crackdowns on the free media, it is becoming harder to come by. Many journalists are afraid to write freely, while others have fled the country.
But a presence inside Turkey isn't necessarily required to produce hard-hitting reporting. 
Now released in Turkish, the EJC's Verification Handbook for Investigative Reporting provides journalists with valuable lessons so that they can conduct online investigations. 
The Handbook walks journalists through using databases and other publicly available information to interrogate companies, explains how to use user-generated content to investigate war crimes and human rights issues, and more.
The translated version was produced by Teyit.org, an independent online media focusing on verifying online and political contents and news, to help Turkey's media report on critical issues.
"Improving digital literacy and awareness on false reporting is getting more important. Working against biased news is essential such in a country like Turkey where polarized media and propaganda are extensive", said Mehmet Atakan Foca, Founder and Editor-in-Chief.
The Turkish version follows Arabic, Macedonian and Russian translations, which can be accessed via the original English edition.
Explore the Turkish translation here.