Understanding development: Experts (try to) talk to Journalists


The World Bank’s Strategic Impact Evaluation Fund (SIEF) uses rigorous research to evaluate development programs that try to improve health, education, early childhood development, and water and sanitation. The goal is to see what works—and what doesn’t. SIEF partnered with the International Center for Journalists to create webinars for reporters that explain what this research is and how it can help them.

Measuring impact 

To better report on poverty, health, education and more, journalists need to understand how experts measure the impact of development programs. This webinar explores and explains these methods. No time for full webinar? Check out how journalists can build trust with researchers; or the “top 5” list of techniques and tools to improve reporting on these issues.

Early childhood development

A child’s earliest years present a window of opportunity to address inequality. Investing in early childhood development —ensuring kids get the right stimulation, nurturing and nutrition—is one of the smartest investments a country can make. This webinar is a resource for journalists looking to better understand measurements of children's health and development and the important role that this can play in ending poverty.

Water and sanitation

Water and sanitation are connected to larger issues of concern to the public, such as health and mortality:  Clean water and good sanitation are key to disease prevention and healthy child development. Good reporting can help explain to the public why these issues matter. Learn what you need to know in this SIEF webinar. No time for full webinar? Take a look at these short snippets: What issues need more coverage? Where can reporters find story ideas?


According to the United Nations, maternal mortality has fallen by 45 percent since 1990 and preventable child deaths have decreased by over 50 percent. This webinar will help journalists understand how to think and write about health policies. No time for full webinar? Take a look at these two minute snippets:  Why should journalists seek out healthcare researchers? How can reporting data be people focused?

Image: UNDP.