Conversations with Data

A collection of links to past editions of our data journalism newsletter.

Global Migration Data Portal

Frustrated searching for migration data? This new portal makes it easier.

Aesop Story Engine

Create rich, visual, interactive stories and articles with this easy-to-use Wordpress plugin.


The most comprehensive source of reference for research data infrastructures.

Social Media Safety Skills

Social media can be a great tool for finding data and reporting on stories. But it’s important to know how to use it safely.


Connects whistleblowers with investigative journalists across Africa.

A new portal for assessing European public procurement.

Production Data Science

Although collaborative data journalism is the rise, there is little proper training on good practices. This workflow attempts to close the gap.

London Air

Combining monitoring, modelling and toxicology data to advance reporting on the health impacts of pollution.

Datawrapper River

A new resource to share and reuse charts.

Analyze the WWW and dark web with structured web data feeds.


A tool to facilitate the use of AIDS-related data in countries and globally.

Chatbots Gone Wild

The data science behind making a chatbot worth talking to.

Cronycle Insights

Get to the heart of a story with curated information and intelligence on over 50,000 topics.


A must-see resource for journalists reporting on public health.

RAW Graphs

The missing link between spreadsheets and data visualization.


An easy-to-use infographic maker.

AtF Spark

The world’s first code-free typeface for creating in-text charts.

Data Driven Guides

Design expressive information graphics.

The Python Graph Gallery

Hundreds of python charts, displayed with their reproducible code snippets.

The ultimate resource for data journalism beginners.

A national campaign finance database that includes contribution data from all 50 states.

The Ethical Journalist’s Toolkit

A free, online course to help you apply ethical principles to your data stories.


Analyse data by making mind maps and networks with Coggle.

Google Cloud DataLab

An interactive data science workflow tool from Google.

OONI data

Investigate internet censorship with OONI data.

A free, lightweight tool that creates scatter plots in just three steps.

TREND analytics

Exploring data stories on trade and the environment.


A set of free tools for digital image forensics.

Enigma Public

The world’s broadest collection of public data.


Helping data journalists find new angles and related data.


A proofreader for your data.


Make polished data visualisations in minutes.

R for Data Science

Learn to tackle a wide variety of data science challenges, using the best parts of R.


Find, explore and visualise open data in one place.

Nonprofit Explorer

Research tax-exempt organisations.


Keep track of your articles at the same time as building your journalistic profile.


A simple, yet flexible, charting tool.


A visualisation tool for big data.


Helping newsrooms collaborate on factchecking and verification projects.

Data & Eggs

Don’t have time to find the best data driven articles? Look no further. This cool newsletter has you covered.

Data Ethics Decision Aid

To publish or not to publish? This tool helps you unpack the ethical issues associated with using data to tell your story.

Data Visualization for All

Learn how to tell your story and show the data.

Local Focus

Let your data tell the story for you.


A free news discovery service for reporters to access and set alerts for public data sources like the SEC, Patent Office, and PACER.


A nifty tool to uncover the media’s most reported phrases or quotes.

De-duplicate and find matches in your messy data.

Open Up Guide: Using Open Data to Combat Corruption

A must read for all watchdog journalists.


Create thematic maps in 3 steps.

Company Information Extractor

A free tool for extracting company and director names from documents.


A form tool built specifically for the needs of journalists.

Open Media Scholarship

A free directory of open access scholarship and data in media studies.

GeoVisual Search

Search public satellite imagery for visually similar objects.

Vital Signs

Leverage health data from ProPublica’s renowned healthcare investigations.


A must-see resource for journalists reporting on employment.

The Field Guide to Open Source in the Newsroom

A community-built resource to help journalists work from the entire open-sourcing process.


A tool to help newsrooms host quality conversations.

Everlaw for Journalists

Ediscovery software for investigative reporting.


Generate real-time and historical crowd data.


Find a reusable dataset in your field.


A free, open source power tool for improving your data.

Uber Movement

Free, anonymized data from Uber.

NDC Explorer

A one-stop-shop for exploring national climate action plans.


Extract, analyze and visualize Twitter data - no code needed.

Neural Network-based Automatic Image Colorization

An online tool that adds life to black and white images.

Good Tables

Is your data good to use? This free online service helps you check it.


A high-level browser automation library.

Television Explorer

Released today, this tool lets you query US news coverage since 2010.

Mapzen Mobility Explorer

An in-browser tool to explore transit data.

IIAG Data Portal

A free, online resource that puts African data at your fingertips.

Storyful Multisearch

Query multiple social networks quickly and efficiently.


A tool specifically attuned to sentiments expressed in social media.

Google Data Studio

A free tool that helps journalists tell data stories without code or technical skills.


Pull weather data from around the world.


A Javascript-based OCR tool.


Navigate the murky waters of FOI requests.

Afrobarometer Online Data Analysis

Analyze data on Africa in six simple steps.


A quick and simple tool to batch query Google.

Lahman R Package

A resource to easily pull baseball stats.

Terrain Tiles

A global dataset providing basemap elevation coverage, tiled for easy usage.


A video dataset of unprecedented scale and diversity.

Advocacy Assembly

Learn to use data for social good.

CSV Lint

Double check your CSV file’s readability.


Add texture to your data visualizations.


R Interface to the Federal Reserve Economic Data API.


An open source network visualization and analysis tool for non-tech users.


Historical economic data and Forex charts.

Web VR Starter Kit

Create virtual reality scenes in seconds.


Retrieve and archive Twitter data.


A tree map visualization tool for hierarchical data.

Quartz Index

A collection of metrics on the global economy, launched this week.


Location based social media.


A repository of data on legal complaints and requests for the removal of online materials.

Google Earth Landsat 8 Imagery

This week, Google updated its Earth tool with fresh imagery from Landsat 8.


Scrape websites visually.


A visualization app for Asian Development Bank data.

A resource to enable statistics driven journalism.

Net Data Directory

A new, free database of organisations that hold data on a broad range of Internet-related topics.

iScience Maps

A free tool for researching Twitter content.


A tool for using word clouds in journalism.