De-duplicate and find matches in your messy data.

Open Up Guide: Using Open Data to Combat Corruption

A must read for all watchdog journalists.


Create thematic maps in 3 steps.

Company Information Extractor

A free tool for extracting company and director names from documents.


A form tool built specifically for the needs of journalists.

Open Media Scholarship

A free directory of open access scholarship and data in media studies.

GeoVisual Search

Search public satellite imagery for visually similar objects.

Vital Signs

Leverage health data from ProPublica’s renowned healthcare investigations.


A must-see resource for journalists reporting on employment.

The Field Guide to Open Source in the Newsroom

A community-built resource to help journalists work from the entire open-sourcing process.


A tool to help newsrooms host quality conversations.

Everlaw for Journalists

Ediscovery software for investigative reporting.


Generate real-time and historical crowd data.


Find a reusable dataset in your field.


A free, open source power tool for improving your data.

Uber Movement

Free, anonymized data from Uber.

NDC Explorer

A one-stop-shop for exploring national climate action plans.


Extract, analyze and visualize Twitter data - no code needed.

Neural Network-based Automatic Image Colorization

An online tool that adds life to black and white images.

Good Tables

Is your data good to use? This free online service helps you check it.


A high-level browser automation library.

Television Explorer

Released today, this tool lets you query US news coverage since 2010.

Mapzen Mobility Explorer

An in-browser tool to explore transit data.

IIAG Data Portal

A free, online resource that puts African data at your fingertips.

Storyful Multisearch

Query multiple social networks quickly and efficiently.


A tool specifically attuned to sentiments expressed in social media.

Google Data Studio

A free tool that helps journalists tell data stories without code or technical skills.


Pull weather data from around the world.


A Javascript-based OCR tool.


Navigate the murky waters of FOI requests.

Afrobarometer Online Data Analysis

Analyze data on Africa in six simple steps.


A quick and simple tool to batch query Google.

Lahman R Package

A resource to easily pull baseball stats.

Terrain Tiles

A global dataset providing basemap elevation coverage, tiled for easy usage.


A video dataset of unprecedented scale and diversity.

Advocacy Assembly

Learn to use data for social good.

CSV Lint

Double check your CSV file’s readability.


Add texture to your data visualizations.


R Interface to the Federal Reserve Economic Data API.


An open source network visualization and analysis tool for non-tech users.


Historical economic data and Forex charts.

Web VR Starter Kit

Create virtual reality scenes in seconds.


Retrieve and archive Twitter data.


A tree map visualization tool for hierarchical data.

Quartz Index

A collection of metrics on the global economy, launched this week.


Location based social media.


A repository of data on legal complaints and requests for the removal of online materials.

Google Earth Landsat 8 Imagery

This week, Google updated its Earth tool with fresh imagery from Landsat 8.


Scrape websites visually.


A visualization app for Asian Development Bank data.

A resource to enable statistics driven journalism.

Net Data Directory

A new, free database of organisations that hold data on a broad range of Internet-related topics.

iScience Maps

A free tool for researching Twitter content.


A tool for using word clouds in journalism.


A jQuery plotting and chart plugin.


What does a poem look like?


A platform for opening up research outputs across Europe.

UN-Habitat Urban Data Portal

Free and open access to data about countries and cities around the globe.


A command line tool to help streamline election coverage.


Share and sync data.

OSM Borders Directory

Country, region and city boundary data from OpenStreetMap.


A Python library to help develop new natural language processing approaches.


A web-based data management system for displacement data.

Discover and share code examples.


Datamatic is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to create complex, interactive infographics and data visualizations. We spoke to the project’s Founder & Developer, Jaroslav Benc, to find out more.

Searchable Map Template

Put your data on a searchable, filterable map.


A suite of free tools to help you interpret maps.


A tool to immersively present your data driven stories.


A C library for multilingual street address parsing and normalization.


Generate and refine palettes of optimally distinct colors.

Earthdata Search

A simple search tool that puts NASA’s extensive repository of earth science data and information at your fingertips.


An online analysis tool for global poverty monitoring.

Collect Earth

A Java-based tool that facilitates data collection from Google Earth.


Leverage 15 million data points on democracy and 39 democracy-related indices.

YouTube Downloader

A scraping tool specifically designed to grab metrics from YouTube.


Open-source machine learning algorithms for data mining tasks.

Power BI

Launched this week in beta mode, Microsoft’s Power BI allows you to export live-updating visualizations to the web.


A Drupal-based, open-source data warehousing, visualization, and mapping tool.


Web tools for budding data practitioners.


Create customizable SVG map visualizations for the web.

We Feel

An online portal that conducts sentiment analyses of tweets.

Mapzen Search

A browser-based app that converts geodata to addresses, and vice versa.


Create Landsat 8 composites from your browser.

Artificial Intelligence for Disaster Response (AIDR)

A tool that harnesses artificial intelligence to mine tweets in humanitarian crises.


Visually explore complex datasets.

Tik Tok

A Javascript tool that enables you to easily create mobile-friendly, vertical timelines.


Search, analyze and cull huge volumes of text or documents.

Investigative Dashboard

A tool that helps journalists follow the money, and expose illicit networks across borders.


A free tool for exploring world stats.


Turn documents into data.


A flexible mapping engine, designed for real-time rendering of 2D and 3D maps.


Turn data into beautiful, interactive visualizations on your iPad.


Network overview, discovery and exploration for Microsoft Excel.


A Google Chrome browser extension for scraping data. lets you explore facets of datasets quickly. Mirko Lorenz interviewed its creator, Adil Yalcin, to find out more.

Iframe Scaffolder

Quickly arrange several iframes or URLs to create interactive multi-screen visualizations

Instantly convert webpages into tables of data and create tailored APIs to suit your story

Databits: A New Approach to Build a Community for Data Experts

This new site aims to become a community where data experts can upload and showcase their work, based on an invitation system. Another goal is to pose challenges for data work, in collaboration with the community or external organizations.

In-game player movements tracker

This is notable: as big leagues install new tracking systems providing rich data for sports games, a new of scene-by-scene reporting will become more widely available. Here is a brief overview plus a link to a Python script to extract such data

Mapping in the classroom

A white paper from Carto DB provides an overview on how to teach cartography in schools and universities - in disciplines where mapping would have been too complicated just a few years ago.