Keep track of your articles at the same time as building your journalistic profile.

Authory is a toolkit that helps journalists to back up all their articles automatically, build their own email following and find out how their stories are performing on social media.

The basis for all this is the Authory profile page, a timeless and up-to-date repository of all the articles you have ever written and all those you will ever write, regardless of where they are published.

The public version of the Authory page contains headlines and links to the articles while the private version, accessible only by you, the journalist, also includes the full text version complete with images. Want to see Authory in action? Take a look here.

1. Automated article backups

So much on the internet is ephemeral, but why should having access to your own articles be? Whether you are a freelancer with your articles scattered all over the web or a staff writer with them all in a single place: Authory automatically gives you your own full text backup of everything you write. You’ll never lose access to what you’ve created. And with our lightning fast full text search, it's easier than ever to browse your entire body of work.

2. Easy email following

On your public Authory page, your readers can subscribe to receive email notifications about new articles with a single click, no signup necessary. And because they follow you directly, rather than a publisher’s brand, you can build up a readership of email subscribers that will stay with you for your entire career. Regardless of where you decide to publish in the future, your subscribers will follow you for as long as you write.

3. Convenient social media stats

Ever wondered how many social interactions your articles get on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn? Authory will send you a weekly report telling you exactly how many tweets, comments, likes and more the articles you’ve published that week have received. Oh, and we always monitor your entire article archive too. So you'll immediately know when an oldie-but-goodie article of yours is gaining traction again.

Authory has been designed to require as little effort from journalists as possible. When you sign up, Authory imports your previous articles automatically, regardless of where they were published. And whenever you publish a new article Authory will automatically find it, add it to your Authory page and send a short email notification to you and your subscribers.

About the author:

Eric Hauch studied at Imperial College London and has worked for the Financial Times Deutschland and Axel Springer. He has founded two media startups and is responsible for all of Authory’s product and business development efforts.

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