A Google Chrome browser extension for scraping data

Chrome users can extract data from any website they visit using Chromescraper - a point and click browser extension developed by Iván Castellanos.

The tool allows you to scrape text, images and URLs, and then export it via one-click into a Google Sheet or Excel Document.

To extract data, users simply need to download the extension from the Chrome Web Store, and install it in their browser. Once you come across information you would like to extract into actionable data, all you need to do is highlight it, right-click and select "ChromeScrap this!". A slider appears, allowing you to set the parameters around which item type you want to extract. After making your selection, the pop-up asks you to chose check which classes you want to scrape and when you are ready clicking the 'export data' button automatically imports your selection into a Google Sheet for further modification.

For example, let's say you are investigating Ebola in West Africa and you want to a scrape situation report list from the World Health Organistion website.

First, highlight one situation report and select "ChromeScrap this!"


Then move the slider until all the situation reports are selected and click "ready".


Since you are only looking for situation reports related to West Africa, you can narrow your extraction by using a keyword search.


Now you've made the selection its ready to export for further analysis.

Visit the website, GitHub or download from the Chrome Web Store.