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We are The DataFace, a group of journalists with a penchant for all things data - just like you. We’ve created real-time Twitter trackers for political debates, analyses of popular cultural events like March Madness and the Grammy’s, and an interactive visualization of traffic fatalities in the United States. When we aren’t working on projects of our own, we’re reading and being inspired by the work of fellow data journalists.

Image: A visualization from our project about the Oscars, showing the age distribution of nominees in four major categories.

The way that we read news is changing. Major media outlets like The New York Times, The Washington Post, Bloomberg, and many others are hiring coders in droves. Over eighty “technologists” now sit within The Washington Post’s newsroom alone. Paired with traditional journalists, these cross-functional news teams are creating articles that include stunning, interactive data visualizations to tell a story.

The power of data journalism has been on full display the last several years. The Wall Street Journal’s visualization from 2015 brought awareness to the importance of vaccines through its interactive heatmaps and took the Internet by storm. In 2016, more than 370 data journalists from across the globe partnered to decipher the Panama Papers, which contained 2.6 TB of data and 11.5 million documents. Their work ultimately revealed widespread illegal use of offshore tax havens and earned the team a Pulitzer.

Plenty of individuals and small teams have been producing groundbreaking content in the field of data journalism as well. Check out the recent article from our friends at The Pudding on gender representation in comic books, or Flowing Data’s new project on marital trends in the United States, to see how data journalism can highlight subtle gender norms or cultural trends.

However, these articles are still far from the norm for journalism, and are often lost in the noise of a constantly evolving, 24-hour news cycle. We want to ensure that doesn’t happen. That’s why we share the best data driven content with our Data & Eggs subscribers every Monday morning. Here’s a link to one of our recent editions if you want to see what we’ve been cookin’ up.

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About the author:

Jack Beckwith is the founder and editor-in-chief of The DataFace, a website that creates interactive, data-driven stories on topics from music, politics, and sports. He’s a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, where he concentrated in statistics and business analytics. Before founding The DataFace, he worked as a data analyst for Slice Intelligence, a leader in e-commerce market research. He lives in Menlo Park, California.