Data Visualization for All


Learn how to tell your story and show the data.

Data Visualization for All is a free resource that aims to get anyone started with data visualizationIt consists of a open-access digital book and a free online course by the same name, developed by Jack Dougherty and his contributors from Trinity College.

The book

Data Visualization for All, an open-access textbook, shows how to design interactive charts and maps for different stories. The book provides a friendly introduction to data visualization, with step-by-step tutorials, video screencasts, and real-world examples. Featured tools include Google Sheets, Tableau Public, Carto, Highcharts, Leaflet, GitHub, and more.

Image: Data Visualization for All.

The course

The accompanying course walks you through how to design interactive charts and customized maps for your story. It begins with easy-to-learn tools, then gradually works up to editing open-source code templates with GitHub. By the end of the course, journalists will be able to:
  • choose the right tools for each story
  • create and embed charts
  • design maps and detect bias
  • share, edit, and host code templates
  • transform map data

Read it or enrol here.