Google Data Studio


Easily build custom reports and visualizations.

Attempting to handle data without using code or queries? No problem. Google Data Studio provides a free and simple solution for non-coding journalists who want to investigate raw data.

The basic principle behind Data Studio is that data should be easily accessible to anyone regardless of their data literacy or technical capabilities. To this end, the tool takes care of the data handling process and automatically inputs the underlying dimensions into reports or visualizations.

The tool provides a drag and drop interface, allowing journalists to sift through metrics or visualizations and discover stories without investing too much time in the building phase.

Simplifying the process even further, the tool offers a sandbox interactive dashboard feature so you can learn the basics before taking on your own data.


Image: The sandbox feature.

Naturally, the Studio allows you to integrate data from Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google Sheets and many other Google services, but also offers a number of other data connectors like BigQuery. Examples of how different data connectors can be harnessed are showcased in the Studio's gallery.


Image: An example of what Google Data Studio can do with YouTube data.

Learn more at the Google Data Studio website here.