Mapzen Mobility Explorer


An in-browser tool to explore transit data.

Mapzen Mobility Explorer is a new tool that lets you examine the connections between transit datasets, including among different transportation modes and operators, without having to leave your browser.

The tool is built for users with both baseline and more advanced data skillsets, offering an easy to use interactive interface to sift through its data - no code required. Simply search for a place or browse the map, and use the buttons to ask questions about fixed-route transit options in the area. Hover over a point, line, or polygon on the map to get a preview of its name and other information, and click it for full details.


Image: Using the explorer to visualize the area serviced by a bus operator in Prague.

Transit data is queried through the Transitland API, while the mapping and geodata are sourced through Mapzen's Mobility APIs. Data from OpenStreetMap and CARTO are also included in the explorer.

For users exploring a number of different connections, the explorer offers a simple mechanism to keep track of your queries. Each query or map update is maintained as a separate URL, which means that you can return to your previous map by clicking the back button in your browser window. You can also share this URL with others and they will see the same results that you see.

In addition, the tool has Isochrone functionality, which allows you to view where you can travel from a point, such as a transit stop, within a certain amount of time. You can specify the mode of transportation, such as walking, biking, driving, or taking transit, and see a series of rings to represent where you can reach within various increments of time, ranging from 15 to 60 minutes.


Image: Using the Isochrone function to show the walking distances from Brussels' Airport.

Visit the Mapzen Mobility Explorer here.