OSM Borders Directory


Country, region and city boundary data from OpenStreetMap.

Looking for geojson data to input administrative borders? You may be able to find what you’re looking for in OpenStreetMap (OSM)’s directory of border files.

National boundary data are available for every country, and more detailed administrative borders, like territories, states, and localities, are being regularly added.

For countries with multi-level administration data available, the OSM wiki provides an outline of the hierarchy, which can be edited for accuracy.

Image: OSM administration hierarchy for the Netherlands

Hosted via Mapzen, the search interface provides a cool example of how OSM’s data can enhance maps. As well as a traditional, text-based search function, users can also find the files they are looking for by clicking the relevant country on an interactive map that pulls from the global OSM file.

For example, by clicking onto Egypt, the interactive automatically pulls the relevant geojson file:


Explore the directory here.