Searchable Map Template


Put your data on a searchable, filterable map.

Want to create an interactive map that lets your audience search by address? This template created by Derek Eder could do the trick.

Running off Google Fusion Tables, the template purports to create responsive maps in only seven steps.

Filters and search functions can be customized depending on your data. A full list of filters and how to code them can be found on the template's associated Wiki.

Moreover, should you get stuck, there is a Google Group dedicated to sharing lessons and useful techniques from past template users.

Once you have finalized your map, it can be embedded into your website via iframe.

An example

In its investigation into vaccine rates at affluent Los Angeles schools, The Hollywood Reporter used the searchable map template to reveal the risk of contracting Whooping Cough based on location data from 3,700 daycare, preschool and kindergarten facilities, and data on the proportion of students whose guardians filled out a Personal Belief Exemption form. Not only does the map showcase the scope of this public health issue, but it also personalizes the story by letting audiences search for their school's risk level.


Get it on GitHub here.