Tik Tok


A Javascript tool that enables you to easily create mobile-friendly, vertical timelines.

Want to visualize a series of events? Tik Tok is a simple Javascript tool that let's you tell stories through customized, vertical timelines.

To begin, the only field that is required is a date; however, most timelines will also include a title and body. Tik Tok allows you to add images, URLs, videos, as well as other embeds, to each section on the timeline, and you can make these components full screen by excluding a body. HTML can be used to further customize the date, title and body fields, while colors and styles can be adjusted using CSS.

As well as adding entries manually, Tik Tok can pull in data from Google Spreadsheets, CSV files, and EditData.org.

Cast study: Eric Garner anniversary timeline

In its coverage of the Eric Garner police brutality story's one year anniversary, WNYC used Tik Tok to illustrate how the story developed. Their timeline utilized several of Tik Tok's features, such as embeding an initial video of the police confrontation, to other images of Garner's funeral and ensuing protests.


Image: Screenshot from WNYC's Tik Tok timeline

Visit the Tik Tok website or GitHub page for more information.