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YourDataStories, or YDS in short, is a platform that helps make sense of open and social data. It answers your specific question by turning data into the substrate for stories that human beings can comprehend and act upon.

As taxpayers, we like to know what’s happening with our money. Especially, when it seems the money is not well spent. But sometimes we are just curious. The current database allows you to follow financial flows concerning:

Image: The YourDataStory Platform.

The YourDataStory team chose a visual approach to simplify digging into the platform's data. In doing so, they hope to lower any barriers to finding stories hidden within the data. Thanks to the platform, you can explore and pick elements that stick out, visualise them, develop an explanation and publish directly on the YDS platform. Care for some examples? Check out stories on Dutch aid activities here or traffic analysis in Ireland here.

YourDataStories is an EU-funded research project, making its results freely available for testing purposes.

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A version of this post originally appeared on YourDataStories here (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0).